Who is Coco’s?

Our board members are volunteers who donate each day financially and physically.

Coco’s Cupboard

Board Members

Suzanne Aaron, President

Suzanne is a firm believer that proper training is the key to creating a harmonious human/k9 relationship. Also, that a large amount of the homeless pet population is a direct result of lack of training, both owners and pets. She has bred, raised, and trained dogs for 20+ years. Several years ago, she left a hectic professional career in transportation to work with dogs full time. She currently manages a dog daycare facility, as well as owns TAO K9 Unleashed Dog Training. Suzanne is one of the founders of Coco’s and was nominated president in Sept 2012.

Kathy Addis, Treasurer
Kathy is an avid pet protector and has been active in the community helping strays for years. Despite her hectic nursing career, she always makes time to help neighbors and others in the community. Kathy was involved with Coco’s from inception and graciously accepted the role of Treasurer in Sept 2012.
Jayne Midura, Board Member
Jayne is a Pike County school teacher who is also an animal activist. In addition to being a Coco’s volunteer, we asked her in September 2012 to handle our public speaking engagements and she is heading up the committee to work with Pike County Commissioners on the animal control agenda.

Our Volunteers

We are also blessed to have a wonderful group of volunteers, from Pike and beyond. They help us with fund raising, events, housing and caring for fosters, socialization and training of foster dogs, cross posting available animals to help them find homes, spay/neuter organization and shuttles, and so much more!

Coco’s Cupboard, Inc.
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